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Yong Yi Business is a professional sales Yunnan Puer Tea in Changping. Founded in 2000,, early collection of a large number of various year-old tea, there are great benefits Menghai, in tea, Shimonoseki, old comrades, and so on. Carefully to preserve and maintain the storage temperature year round, dry, first-class quality, full-bodied Chawei.

In recent years, due to the rise of Dongguan close enough tea frenzy, Yunnan reach the market in Dongguan Tea is the Good and bad people mix, quality Is Hard to Find. In order to find the best source of tea, find another company Creek Drive, made a special trip to the region to Simao in Yunnan (Wenshan), an in-depth, "Ma Road," and the ancient Yi Dao to the east, more than 2000 meters above sea level in the mountains of forests. There blocking traffic, inaccessible, no one to pick. The large number of old tea on the Millennium, when the early Qing Dynasty tribute to the imperial court of tea are produced here. Various efforts to mobilize local farmers to pick, harvest each year a large number of old tea trees. Yunnan Jinggu with a small tea factory into pie elegant co-operation, named Wenshan old tea trees. Mellow, sweet, welcomed the broad masses of tea lovers, come to test products.

In addition to the tea business, the company also worked with the production of Yixing purple sand pot LING Xi Gou teacher, artist of the High Technology (Fellow) Yao, Zhouju Fang, Chen Wei, Li Jun, and other cooperation. They work as a special point-of-sale. Fortunately, there are invited to the recent Yixing Ceramic Association, Mr. Shi Juntang, Chinese arts and crafts masters Mr. Xu Hantang, Miss Wang Yinxian, Yong Yi person firm guidance. Welcome to come to buy.
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